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Sound of the Soul: Hear the sounds of 'ethnic groups' through visual and sound exhibitions.

Sound of the Soul: Hear the sounds of 'ethnic groups' through visual and sound exhibitions

AUG 6, 2022

In mid-July 2022, the Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) organized a mix-up exhibition between Soundscape and Visual Performance entitled 'Sound of the Soul' with 3 artists namely Hear & Found , DuckUnit and Supachai Ketkarunkul�

In addition to this exhibition will be organized in the format. 'Visual and sound effects' that are hard to find The appeal of the content is that it takes viewers to understand the lifestyle and culture of 'Ethnic Groups' with the aim of bridging the old understanding gap that the city people cling to the image that they are uncivilized and highlighting the issue of social inequality that has always held this group of people

Inside the exhibition is a simulation of a small space. as if moving from the busy city center to quiet nature Before getting to know the stories of people of various ethnic groups all over Thailand that very few people will have close contact with them and have a deep conversation with them.�

Although the exhibition ended on July 31, 2022, but with the interesting issue of The Momentum, we would like to take you readers back to the Sound of the Soul event once again to ask the question: Do we know the ethnic groups in the country well enough?

�BACC Art Activities Department would like to create an exhibition that presents the issue of ethnic inequality. But we are trying to figure out how to present inequality.�

Fa-Kanharat Liamthong , Sound of the Soul exhibition manager, and Rak-Pansita Sasirawut from Hear & Found, two important cogs of Sound of the Soul, told about the origin of the exhibition. BACC wanted to present the issue of ethnic inequality in Thailand and presenting the way of life, culture, and knowledge that these local people have with the aim of making the city people understand their identity better.

For those who want to see the Sound of the Soul atmosphere, you can click on the link below.


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