2 August 2024

Nanyang academy of fine arts

How we express</span> the pain of loss can be
              a powerful driving force when we collectively begin to heal

Following years of post-pandemic uncertainties and in the midst of global efforts in constructing the new normal in our everyday lives, we are faced yet again with the overwhelming surges of conflict, violence, and destruction. As the new facade which has defined the last few years of our lives, geopolitical conflicts have left a permanent impact upon humanity in general. The fact of the matter is that war scars a place and its people long after it is over.

About Us

The Institute of Southeast Asian Arts was established in April 2010 with the aim of developing the capabilities of NAFA in the niche area of art being practiced in the region and to run a research and resource development agency within NAFA. ISEAA focuses on practice-led research; it is activity-based to benefit students and faculty primarily through workshops. The Institute also forms a network of different partners in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region to represent the spectrum of visual, performing and management arts and to formulate broad-based collaborative projects with individuals and groups of artists.