3 - 4 August 2023

Nanyang academy of fine arts

We seek knowledge and history;
but we also desire what is new and inspirational.

The Southeast Asian Arts Forum 2023 aims to explore this narrative surrounding the cycle of creation and destruction. It aims to look back into our past and finad multitudes of possibilities in how we push the boundaries of our practices. We seek creative practices which represent not only the thrive to survive, but also one which seeks to attain harmony between humans and our surrounding ecology.


Now in its fourth edition, our hybrid Forum includes livestreamed presentations, performances, and dialogue to inspire an exploration of Southeast Asian arts and its discourses; facilitating an exchange of knowledge from the community to the classroom and vice versa.

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Mavericks in their own field and unconventional thinkers, from a diverse background of creative and academic disciplines. These Southeast Asian artists, educators and creative practitioners bring to the Forum what is current, what is urgent and what could be a future alternative following the current state of transitions.

The Making and Comsumption of Spring Roll - Through a Lens of Migration and Cultural Preservation

A Sông Art Club

Reading Archives: Camphor Tree

Aliansyah Caniago


Bridget Tracy Tan

On the (non)physicality of space

Ba-Bau Art Collective

The Ghost of Rain: Petrichor in the Arts

Catherine Sarah Young

Jala lan Jana: The Everlasting Dance

Flying Balloons Puppet

Museum Of Climate Memory

Razcel Jan Salvarita

On Ecological Struggle and Solidarity

Struggles for Sovereignty


Shuchita Kapur

Both Dead and Alive

Syahmin Huda Binte Yusman

Rivers, Rituals, and Ruai: A Cosmology of Care

Wen Di Sia

About Us

Established in April 2010, the Institute of Southeast Asian Arts (ISEAA) aims to develop the capabilities of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in a niche area of global art being practiced in the region. This endeavour is of benefit to the multidisciplinary nature of NAFA's contemporary arts training, which includes 3D Design, Design & Media, Fine Art, Arts Management, Fashion, Theatre, Dance, and Music.

As a research and resource development agency within NAFA, ISEAA leverages the inventory holdings of the Academy and develops Southeast Asian study resources to contextualise practice-based and practice-led learning for NAFA's students and faculty. The manifestations of the programming are critically integrated into the curriculum and course modules to expand the academic investigations of conventional disciplines into the realm of Southeast Asian art.

ISEAA also builds a network of external partners to represent the spectrum of visual and performing arts in Singapore and the region. Activities include artist talks, masterclasses, workshops, artist-in-residence and interdisciplinary projects of participatory nature, which harness heritage and contemporary arts, leading to collaborative outcomes such as exhibitions, performances and publications.

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