3 - 4 August 2023

Nanyang academy of fine arts


Day 1 Thursday 3 August 2023, 14:40 - 15:05

Jala lan Jana: The Everlasting Dance

Flying Balloons Puppet

Society's paradigm is shifting regarding rivers which occur dynamically with complex changes. The assumption that the river has supernatural powers that affect the way humans interact with it has shifted to humans having authority over the river. Pemali River facilitates interactions between humans and other creatures along its course. Humans interact with the river through its use for irrigation and fishing purposes, while living creatures such as fish, insects and plants interact with the river as their living space. River is no longer the central subject, mining activities in the Pemali river and how humans interact with it have become a polemic. The sand mining that is carried out and also the amount of waste along the Pemali river are signs of a relationship that does not synergize between humans and rivers. This phenomenon occurs inseparable from the demands of modernity that require acceleration as well as a culture of consumerism.

Through this work, we want to consider a future where human rights and authority upon rivers may be diminished or even non-existent. Exploring the idea that humans are not the exclusive focus of existence. Recognizing the interdependence between humans and rivers within a larger, complex ecological network. Pemali River has agency and contributes to owning its flow, patterns and dynamics. Emphasizing the embodied experience and sensory engagement with the river, beyond the intellectual perspective. The performance seeks ways to connect with the river through aesthetic, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Inspired by the interaction of the Pemali River and humans, interpreted into a theater performance of objects and bodies. Exploring spaces that are disconnected and unexplained, we believe as the strength in building the story of this performance.


Rangga Dwi Apriadinnur (Director/Lighting)
Meyda Bestari (Production Manager)
Khoirul Anwar (Artistic Director/Puppeteer)
Yunita Nursafitri (Puppet and set builder/Puppeteer)
Jefri Mugiono (Co.Director/Puppet maker/Puppeteer)
Yoga Nugraha (Sound designer)

"Flying Balloons Puppet is a puppet theater company based in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The company was founded in 2015 by theatre actor Rangga Dwi Apriadinnur during his studies at Arts Institute of Indonesia Yogyakarta. Since 2015, Flying Balloons Puppet has produced more than 10 productions; including original and collaborative works.

In 2018, Flying Balloons Puppet collaborated with Australian puppet artist Gwen Knoxx for Pesta Boneka #6, an annual puppet festival hosted by Papermoon Puppet Theater. They performed a performance entitled �Sori in the Land of Lembuna". In 2019, the company performed a new piece titled "Pongo Abelii" at Georgetown Festival.

During the pandemic, the group explored new ways of performing puppetry through an online livestreamed video performance. Most recently in 2021, Flying Balloons produced "Jalinan Kusam di Lemari Sosi" as an experiment in new forms of actor and puppet relations. This work is currently in progress and will be performed at Helateater 2023 "Object Theatre", held by Salihara Arts Center in Jakarta."