3 - 4 August 2023

Nanyang academy of fine arts

Video on Demand

Day 1 Thursday 3 August 2023, 16:00 onwards

Struggles for Sovereignty: On Ecological Struggle and Solidarity

Struggles for Sovereignty

Struggles for Sovereignty: Land, Water, Farming, Food (SFS) is a collective platform focusingon the intersections of social and ecological justice. SFS was established in 2019 and centred in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, but members are in different places. We were working with Groups and communities from various other fields: art, culture, farming, food, land rights, indigenous ("adat") and ecological activism, but all have in affinity/common that they are engaged with struggles forthe right to self-determination and sovereignty over their lands, cosmologies and livelihoods.

In this presentation, we would share how we work with different communities, bringing them together to share, strengthen their practices and share their otherwise singular movements. Through several projects, we tried to develop a trans-local solidarity network that amplifies local struggles, supports individual members when their work is under threat (during Covid), and creates unified movements with local communities. As we practice, we continuously question;how do we take care of the relationships that we build together? Most importantly, how can we break alienation in the ecological struggle we face every day?

SFS develops programs that bring together communities working from the fields of art, food, farming, land rights, indigenous ("adat") and ecological activism to share their work and contexts with each other and the public.