3 - 4 August 2023

Nanyang academy of fine arts

Video on Demand

Day 1 Thursday 3 August 2023, 16:00 onwards


Shuchita Kapur

Dreams, a peek into the subconscious and even an inspiration for many artists have always been a subject of study for many years. It is the ephemeral nature of these visions that continue to mystify people on a daily basis. A ritual was created, one inspired by common Hindu practices that left behind fragmented residue. Dreams in their impermanence often leave behind residual fragments that we carry with us forever. The ritual created a sanctuary for me to express and find healing within these fragile remnants of my memory. Incense powder was used in an attempt to find clarity as the smoke is meant to purify and cleanse a space. This ritual, when practiced with intention paved the way to healing for me while allowing me to express my faith. In a way, the ritual is a language, one that facilitates a conversation between my subconscious and my environment; aided by material that comes from the earth, incense. Just as the incense resurrects once burnt, so do we every morning, woken by our dreams that are constantly reinforcing and restructuring our beliefs. Witnessing this physical reincarnation brings about a sense of spiritual reincarnation that brings with it healing and acceptance. Once the smoke dissipates, incense turns to ash, all that are left are the marks created by the fire, the fragments of my dream, the forever residue, 'Avashesh'.

Shuchita Kapur (b. 2000, India) is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Hons at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. In 2022, she spent 2 months in London studying at the University of Arts London as part of her course's International Placement Programme where her project 'A Lucid Invasion' was exhibited at The Cookhouse on campus. Prior to this, she received her Diploma in Fine Art at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts where she specialised in the 4D discipline encompassing digital photography, performance, sound and video art. Her work 'Respond to Equality' has been featured in the NAFA publication 'Oblique' and she has also exhibited her installation 'Perni-fication' at Substation, Singapore.