28 - 30 july 2021

Nanyang academy of fine arts

Presentation (Video-On-Demand)

Day 1Wednesday 28 July 2021, 16:30

Blurring boundaries: towards creation in the digital age

Ang Xue Ning

The digital age has provided consumers with ample benefits by reducing the manoeuvrability constraints they face due to space and time restrictions. However, it comes with disadvantages as well, such as internet addiction and gaming disorders. The project explores art creation from an individual who struggles to find a balance between these contrasting identities. By looking into the phenomenon of internet addiction and various media-based artworks, Xue Ning touches on existing ways in which this digital age has influenced human engagement. The countless perspectives derived from this topic have formed a consensus on the blurred boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.

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Ang Xue Ning (b. 2000) is a multidisciplinary artist who graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art (3D Practice) of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 2020. During her time at the institution, she is awarded the Woon Tai Jee Art Prize (First Prize) for NAFA's Fine Art graduating award, the Ngee Ann Kongsi Gold Medal 2020 and Harvard Prize Book 2019/2020. Xue Ning primarily works with 3-dimensional art forms. Her practice focuses on the exploration of materials in representation of the human conditions.