28 - 30 july 2021

Nanyang academy of fine arts

Presentation (Live)

Day 1Wednesday 28 July 2021, 15:05

Made in Cirebon: Alternative Arts and Culture Education Model for Public School in Cooperation with Local Artists in Indonesia

Arts and culture education in public schools in Indonesia faces various challenges. The course hours and subjects are insufficient to cover diverse topics, and the number of teachers and their expertise are inadequate to deliver the relevant knowledge. As a result, alternative arts education has become a popular mode of education for the Indonesian students and it has been conducted by the private and government sectors. A number of artist collectives provide extracurricular art courses based on their artistic practice while the Indonesian government initiated the program for the local artists to teach the subject of their expertise in schools. ARCOLABS organized an alternative arts and culture education program for local public-school students in 2020 as part of the Arts and Culture Education ODA (Official Development Assistance) held in Indonesia. Titled Made in Cirebon, this program aims to promote the development of arts and culture education in local public schools through cooperation with local artists. Unlike the existing education model of the kind, this program focused the interdisciplinary approach by incorporating art, technology, ecology, and local context as part of the inclusive, educational activities of the program. Moreover, this program was beneficial for not just the students and school teachers, but the local artist community who learnt to become a mediator to carry on sustainable arts and culture education. By employing the blended learning based on online and offline method, this program has achieved the innovative and productive outcome and provided a vision for future education in the post-pandemic era.

Formed in 2014, ARCOLABS is a community for curatorial initiative based in Jakarta. Currently it consists of three curators from various backgrounds and curatorial interests, Jeong Ok Jeon, Evelyn Huang, and Nin Djani. By combining academic and nonacademic approaches, ARCOLABS focuses on innovations and development of contemporary and new media art practices through programs such as exhibitions and workshops, cultural exchanges, as well as research and new media art incubation. ARCOLABS has been involved in numerous new media art exhibitions in Indonesia, including Pekan Seni Media: Sinkronik (Media Art Week, Samarinda, 2019) and Five Passages to the Future (National Gallery of Indonesia, 2019).