4 - 5 August 2022

Nanyang academy of fine arts

Presentation (Live)

Day 2 (live)Friday 5 August 2022, 14:35 - 15:05

Art Space with a Purpose

Sukontip Nakasem

The continual breakdown of our world's environment as a consequence of human action is an urgent issue. Every single one of us is a consumer. What we do creates an impact. Even though the majority of us are aware of the looming future, our awareness does not always translate into actions to mitigate the imminent environmental crisis. With powerful technologies that dictate what information we see, human beings are on a dangerous path as we obtain information that is limited like never before. Art has a role to play in society. As a medium, art is versatile. It has capability of providing the audience with a wider knowledge about the prevailing issues to humanity and an appreciation for the repercussions of our actions. As part of the overall ecosystem, art space is in a position to be a vehicle to communicate these messages. I would like to share my journey of setting up Warin Lab Contemporary with a focus of bringing the discourse in regards to environmental issues to the forefront with the objective of stimulating social change. In the presentation, I will discuss the curatorial programs with contemporary artists as well as the educational programs through collaborations with scientists, biologists, and environmentalists through physical and digital realm.

Thai native, Sukontip Nakasem (Fon) is a veteran in the art business since 2006. Her first art gallery, "La Lanta Fine Art" is one of the top art galleries in Thailand. In 2021, she founded "Warin Lab Contemporary" with a purpose to communicate the issue of sustainability through art

Warin Lab Contemporary
Warin Lab Contemporary's distinctive commitment is to engage the global audience by addressing vital social issues through leading-edge curatorial projects. The space will work with artists and curators from around the world to create meaningful dialogues through works that provoke thought and stimulate action.

To achieve the goal of engaging the audience at a profound level, the space will devote its focus to only one social issue per year. In 2021 and 2022, the theme is "Environment." During the year, the art space will house art exhibitions by different artists who will explore environmental issues through their own perspectives and approaches.

Apart from the exhibitions themselves, Warin Lab Contemporary will also promote broader understanding and encourage positive changes through its educational programming, including workshops, panel discussions and artist talks.