4 - 5 August 2022

Nanyang academy of fine arts

Presentation (Live)

Day 2 (Live) Friday 5 August 2022, 14:05 - 14:30

Big Trip

Wendy Teo

A documentation platform for weaving ancestral wisdom and rooted practices around the regions.

Big trip is a curatorial research project tracking new connections to the rooted practices and ancestral wisdoms around the world and linking them to a plural web that supports a more holistic global narrative. Through our own journey of Big Trip, we are blessed to learn about ancestral wisdom from communities around the world that we think need to be heard by the world. Drawing together specialists, practitioners, communities and curators from around the world, we are sharing stories through modern media - podcasts, online media, articles, exhibitions and ultimately a forum - to create artistic transformation through international exchange. Through our three pillars of purposeful sound practice, the pilgrimage trip, and the rituals of handing down, we aim to: Explore the essential existence of human beings. Re-awaken the relationship between humans and other species. Aspire to achieve true wellness cultural production in art and design. Initiated by Borneo Laboratory from Malaysia and The Corridor from Taiwan with support from the Asian Cultural Council, we want to stimulate joyful sharing, to facilitate exchange and to form the bridge between the local and the global, the material and the narrative, between communities and organisations.

Wendy Teo is a ARB/RIBA (UK) Chartered Architect and founder of Wendy Teo Atelier @ Borneo Laboratory, a multidisciplinary practice based in Borneo Malaysia. Teo is also a visiting scholar in Feng Chia University (Taiwan) as an Associate Professor. In Teo's research direction, she focuses on embedding social-culture dialogue in forming architectural innovation.

Borneo Laboratory
Borneo Laboratory is a sharing platform with a vision to reconnect the missing narrative of Borneo with the world. Our movement is deeply rooted by the concept of weaving - a meaningful meeting of two opposite elements woven into a whole. We are the cultural weavers of Borneo, aspiring to document and understand the simple stories of Borneans. We weave in the threads bit by bit, day after day until a pattern emerges.