2 August 2024

Nanyang academy of fine arts

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Video on Demand & Dialogue

Video on Demand   2 August 2024, 11:00 - 12:00

Dialogue2 August 2024, 14:40 - 16:00


Aung Myat Htay

Freedom is crucial in art education. SOCA (School of Contemporary Arts) was founded to promote freedom of expression within the growing local contemporary art community in Myanmar. Amidst the ongoing political conflicts and oppressions, SOCA became more than just an institute; it is also a collective and alternative art project which prioritizes sustainability and longevity in artistic creations. As we believed every obstacle is a chance to improve our abilities, we found a way to use digital technologies and online media as a core medium for our activities. What we do is to use these challenges as a trigger in kickstarting a democratic art education based on open-mindedness. The biggest obstacle, however, is in nurturing new and contemporary ideas in an environment where hierarchy and regressive systems dominate. Nonetheless, SOCA's programs have been accepted and adapted by many enthusiastic young minds. Through the current offering of online programs, international exchanges, and workshops, we provide artistic experiments in new-media and discussions to young generations based in various local regions and beyond. Although seemingly as a seedling buried underneath arid land, we believe our efforts will grow towards an application of artistic values in various social and political sectors, and manifest into potential reforms of the art ecosystem.

Aung is an art lecturer and freelence educator with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Through his lessons, he facilitated the exchange of contemporary art approachs and curatorial ideas. Born in Mandalay, upper Myanmar, he is currently based in Yangon. He graduated with a degree of Art Education from the State school of Fine Art, Mandalay in 1991 and complated a BFA from the University of Art and culture, Yangon in 1998; where he also worked as a lecturer untill 2002. He is also known as a writer and curator, publishing papers and art books for the past decade.