2 August 2024

Nanyang academy of fine arts

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Live & Dialogue

Live2 August 2024, 13:35 - 13:50

Dialogue   2 August 2024, 14:40 - 16:00


Lê Giang

Reconciling with a region's conflicting memories often necessitates unearthing the painful obstacles. Ruins, in this context, offer a powerful tool. As Tim Edensor suggests, they are "embodiments of the past," tangible reminders of events that shaped a region.

In this presentation, Le Giang walks us through her investigation of the Dinh or Vietnamese communal house -an architecture that is considered as a symbol of culture, spirit and religion of the country. Her 2017 work, "Vestige of the Land," takes inspiration from the reconstruction of a dinh in her father's homeland, a ruined structure representing a fragmented past. In 2019, she revisited this theme upon discovering a photo archive of such an architecture in the tropical agronomy garden, formerly known as colonial garden in Nogent-sur-Marne, Paris.

Le Giang will also share her artistic process of reproducing photographic images. She incorporates the embossing technique employed by Lebadang, a Vietnamese-French artist who served as an Indochinese soldier-worker in France during World War II. Through this technique, Le Giang discolors and erases details of the events, leaving viewers with evocative traces of history.

Lê Giang earned a BA in Art Education from Vietnam Fine Art University and an MA in Fine Art at University of the Arts London, UK. Her predominant drawing and sculptural practice questions the systematization of human memory and habit via the study of archive and interdisciplinary collaborative research. Compelled by the violence of erasure in the process of categorizing History and its human and non-human worlds, Giang’s exploration of particular media – eg. coal, plaster, stone – reveals the symbolic weight of materiality, begging a re-assessment of often near hidden colonial imprimata, cultural superstition or social stigma.