2 August 2024

Nanyang academy of fine arts

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Live2 August 2024, 10:30 - 10:45

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Dark Was The Night

Taiki Sakpisit

"Dark Was the Night" is an exhibition born amidst Thailand's volatile political climate. As the Move Forward and other pro-democracy parties attempted to establish a government following their May 2023 election victory, the country faced a period of stagnation and uncertainty. This backdrop of political tension sets the stage for an artistic exploration that intertwines the legacy of historical figures with the atmospheric nuances inspired by dream pop music.

The exhibition draws inspiration from the concept of echolocation—how animals navigate through the dark using sound rather than sight, akin to navigating uncertain political and personal terrains. This sensory motif is woven into the visual and auditory elements of the space, creating an immersive experience reminiscent of the internal acoustics of a mother's womb or the vastness of space.

Central to the narrative is Dusdi, the daughter of revered Thai figure Pridi Banomyong. The story unfolds through her oneiric journey during a feverish dream influenced by a solar eclipse. In her vision, a long-exiled family member visits, transforming her surroundings into a surreal landscape imbued with deep-seated memories and emotions.

Upon waking, Dusdi confronts the dark sky and the echoes of half-remembered dreams. By melding dreamlike visuals and sounds, 'Dark Was the Night' offers a reflective journey through history, the present, and the future. It encourages visitors to engage their primal senses as they navigate the exhibition space, exploring a realm where reality and dream seamlessly intertwine.

Taiki Sakpisit (b.1975, Japan) is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Bangkok, renowned for his innovative approach to storytelling and his profound exploration of Thailand’s complex history. Through the lens of cinema, Sakpisit unpacks the nation's turbulent past, infusing his experimental films with a subtle yet resounding political commitment. His works delve into the underlying tensions, conflicts, and anticipations of contemporary Thailand, meticulously crafted through precise and sensorially overwhelming audio-visual assemblage. Utilizing a diverse array of sounds and images, Sakpisit creates immersive experiences that challenge conventional narratives and provoke thought. His feature-length film The Edge of Daybreak garnered acclaim, winning the prestigious FIPRESCI award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. His recent works have been showcased at the fourteenth Gwangju Biennale, the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, the 2024 Bangkok Art Biennale and the fourteenth Mercosur Biennial.